Nodada tells potential suitors to pay up if they want to sign him

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  • Post published:March 12, 2021

Cape Town City midfielder Thabo Nodada, who has been linked with a move to Kaizer Chiefs, says that his contract extension shows his commitment to the club but added that if any other teams want to sign him they will have to strike a deal which suits all parties.

The 25-year-old Citizens vice-captain recently extended his contract for a further two years at City despite the talks of a potential move to Naturena.

Chiefs fans have been vocal about their desire to see the midfielder brought into the club and with their transfer ban now over and the club allowed to sign players in the next window they will undoubtedly be planning a rebuild after a disastrous season so far.

Speaking to, Nodada said that his extension changes nothing if a team is desperate enough to sign him.

“You know the addition is only two years, I had two years already, the addition was only a further two years,” Nodada says.

“And there was no way I was not going to sign a new contract because I deserved it. I worked my socks off coming from an injury, and I deserve rewards.

“Now in terms of thinking about other teams… they were not going to get me for free in any case. Whether I signed the contract or didn’t, they were not going to get me on a free. And it also shows the commitment of the team.

“I mean you want me to come, and you want me to work at whatever team it is, you know the kind of quality you’re getting, but you are going to try to take shortcuts and get it… it’s not going to work. If a deal has to be made, a deal will be made that will suit both parties.”