Hojlund reveals how a meeting with Benni improved his goalscoring form

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  • Post published:March 25, 2024

Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund has revealed how a meeting with coach Benni McCarthy improved his goalscoring form.

The Denmark international, who made his comeback in Sunday’s thrilling 4-3 triumph over Liverpool at Old Trafford, is currently on a national holiday.

In an interview with the local media, Rasmus was questioned about his prolific goal-scoring streak that began on Boxing Day in the Premier League and what may have altered to start the run.

Rasmus outlined how the two wider forwards assist the center-forward as the attacking trident tries to collaborate to ensure that we convert more opportunities.

The 21-year-old forward has lifted the lid on how the South African helped the forward department get as a team.

“You could say that we have found each other better,” he told BT as quoted by Man Utd website.

“We have had some forwards meetings with Benni McCarthy, where we talked about things. It wasn’t just me and two others, it was everyone from the front line who attended the meeting.

“We talked about playing each other [in] well and helping each other, because that’s the way we will get the best results.

“We saw some video clips, and then there was reference to the fact that, here and there, some things should be done better,” he added. “We could see that and then we have carried it out on the field, in training and matches.”