PUMA x Ciele unveil their first collaboration

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  • Post published:July 28, 2023

PUMA and Ciele Athletics announce the launch of their first collaboration together, The Sound Mind Collection, which tells the story of a runner’s life as they strive to achieve personal records while balancing recovery and prioritising their mental health.

This collection stands for “Peace Is The Place. The Work Is The Work. Celebrate The Silence.” Running being the work, peace being the feeling and benefit running provides, and the silence being running’s ability to block out all the noise and distractions life can throw at us. The goal was to intertwine the contrasting aspects of physical performance and intensity with the importance of recovery and mental well-being.

“We’re proud of how this entire collection came out and it’s definitely a reflection of how collaborative the design process was between our team and PUMA’s team,” said Jeremy Bresnen, co-founder and president of Ciele Athletics.

“We wanted to take inspiration from PUMA’s European roots in track and field along with elements that were integral to what we see as ‘American’ sportswear from the 70s and 80s. New silhouettes and cuts that rework the past. It’s a collection compiled of pieces that are fast and athletic, but textured enough to feel comfortable, with prints, colour blocking and other detail elements that land this in a perfect intersection of our two brands. We were able to work with the team at PUMA to develop and riff off their latest technologies and create new ones while weaving the juxtaposition of physical performance, speed and pace against recovery and mental health.”

“We are excited to join forces with Ciele Athletics to launch a collection that brings a unique perspective to the running space by intersecting elements of both brands,” said Erin Longin, PUMA GM Global Run Train. “This collection visually pays homage to some of our classic PUMA apparel style, while mixing in our best-in-class NITRO™️ technologies in footwear, and the story of balance through running is something all runners can relate to. Ciele’s inclusivity and authenticity continues to inspire the running community across the world, they were a fantastic team to work with, and we are proud to be a part of this collaboration.”

The PUMA x Ciele Athletics collection features performance styles for men and women, blending technical and performance features with comfort. These looks recreate the past while tapping into the mix of both functionality and fashion.

The PUMA x Ciele Athletics Collection will be available for purchase from 28 July on PUMA.com.