Rice: England can do something really special at Euros

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  • Post published:June 11, 2024

Declan Rice believes England can “do something really special” at UEFA Euro 2024.

Three years after losing heartbreakingly in the previous tournament’s Wembley final, England is one of the favourites to win the European Championship.

According to midfielder Rice, the team believes they can win England’s first major prize since the 1966 World Cup and become the first European monarchs.

“We want to make history,” said the Arsenal midfielder. “We say it all the time, but genuinely we have a group, a manager, that really believes.

“We have a confidence that we can go there and do something really special and, of course, with that comes hard work.

“That is going to be the main thing — the hard work as a team, unity, togetherness and with everyone behind us at home.

“We’re going to feel that for sure, so stick with us, be positive and let’s see what happens.”

Before leaving for the airport, Rice was speaking from St George’s Park, England’s national football hub, where kids waving flags cheerfully bid the squad farewell.

“We’re about to go and play a tournament for our country,” said Rice. “It’s a privilege, an honour and it feels very real now. When you start to do things like this, it starts to feel real.

“You can have all the build-up in the world, but when you know you’re travelling and that, it’s proper now.”

The Football Association president, Prince William, visited St George’s Park on Monday to wish the players well and give them their jerseys.

England lost shockingly to Iceland 1-0 in their final friendly last week. England will play Serbia on Sunday to begin their Euro 2024 campaign.

Rice, nevertheless, insisted that the setback does not take away from the positive aspects of the 10-day training camp.

“It’s obviously difficult when you finish the league,” the 25-year-old said on England’s departure show on YouTube. “Your body completely shuts down when you have a break, because we’re made to just play all the time.

“When we have a rest, our body shuts down and it’s hard to get going again. But last week was really beneficial, to be honest with you, I think for everyone.

“We’ve got another full week now until the game, so we’ll be in a really good spot.”

Germany’s opening match of Euro 2024 is against Scotland on Friday in Munich.