Rashford tougher thanks to EPL

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  • Post published:October 11, 2016

Manchester United starlet Marcus Rashford has opened up about the physical nature of the Premier League, admitting he has had to toughen up.

Rashford, who was playing at U18 level just last season before bursting onto the scene as prolific forward, is now preparing for his side’s upcoming clash with Liverpool.

With the prospect of facing a dynamic and energetic side, Rashford has reflected on his own physical transformation, which he believes has made him a better player. He also admitted he has faced tougher treatment in the Premier League, where he is more frequently kicked.

‘A little bit, but you don’t go through a game of football without having a knock,’ Rushford told Inside United regarding whether or not he gets kicked more.

‘I don’t think I have done that for years. It does toughen you up.

‘When you get the first knock it kind of wakes you up, you know they are men and it is not like U18 when you can take loads of knocks and know you will be fine, that you won’t feel anything after the game.’

The forward explained learning to dealing with the physicality of the Premier League has allowed him to up his game.

‘You definitely get harder knocks but it helps. You just get up and get on with the game, and then you can give it to them back. It’s important and when you’re young I think you need those types of game,’ he concluded.

Rashford has made nine appearances for United this season, scoring four goals.