Pochettino – Spurs can become European superpower

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Mauricio Pochettino
  • Post published:March 10, 2018

Mauricio Pochettino is adamant that his Tottenham side has what it takes to become a European superpower in the game of football.

He, however, admitted that the club needs to build a ‘history of winning’ for this to happen.

This admission comes after Spurs were dumped out of the Champions League by one of the current superpowers in the game, Juventus, on Wednesday.

The club’s elimination means that Spurs are left with only the FA Cup to challenge for and although their impressive performances have seen them attract many admirers, football clubs are measured by trophies when it comes to success.

Pochettino was adamant during his press conference on Friday that progress has been made. ‘The most important thing for the club is to create a culture here. The club is [more important than] everyone.’

‘The people that pay the tickets, the fans, are the same level… we are on a good path to create a massive club because we have all the tools to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

‘Last season we complained a lot about not being able to compete in the Champions League, but this year we showed in the group stage against Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and then Juventus that the club is ready to compete.