Q&A with Banyana Banyana’s Rhoda Mulaudzi

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  • Post published:April 16, 2020

Catch up with Banyana Banyana forward Rhonda Mulaudzi who spoke to PUMA South Africa while at home during the countrywide lockdown to combat the coronavirus.


  • How are you keeping in shape?

I had to adapt due to the lockdown in our country. So I do PUMATRAC exercises to keep fit – I love strengthening and circuit. My favourite trainer is Takkies Dinwiddy. I do sprints in the yard, and I have rubber bands for strengthening. I also have a training programme set by my club.

  • What shoes do you train in?

I use PUMA Speed 600 running shoes. They’re comfortable, and I love everything that has to do with speed. It offers stability and balance when doing sharp turns.

  • Have you had to adjust your diet to maintain your “fighting” weight?

Yes, I’m eating more fruits and drinking more water than before.

  • Have your club, manager, agent been checking in?

My club has been checking up and giving me the right information about my health and fitness programme.


  • How are you staying motivated and positive at this time?

The Word of God keeps me strong and motivated, I believe that all happens for a reason. I live by the word: Always do your best and God will do the rest.


  • Any books you would recommend to fans?

I would recommend people to read the Bible and Cry, the Beloved Country.

  • Have you been learning new skills?

I have been developing my baking skills. My brother loves experimenting and we have started making scones in a different way.

  • Tempted to do the toilet roll challenge popular with footballers, or keen to challenge any of your team mates?

The toilet roll challenge is exciting. I’m tempted to do it, and to challenge my teammates.