• Watch: Protesters stop Varsity Cup match

    Protestors at NMU

    The match between the NMU Madibaz and Maties was stopped nine minutes into the second half when protesters threw chairs onto the field.

    According to The Herald, SA Students Congress protestors tried to storm one of the VIP boxes where Kings coach Deon Davids had been seen before kick-off.

    One of the protesters grabbed the stadium announcer’s microphone and said black players were not being fairly represented and this had to end.

    Chairs were then thrown onto the field and players, and referee Paul Mente led the players off the field.

    ‘[It] is extremely regrettable and not in the spirit of [the] university,’ NMU spokeswoman Zandile Mbabela told The Herald. ‘There will be further investigation into the matter and the appropriate steps taken.’

    Maties were leading 19-0 at the time and were awarded a 19-0 win that ensured they will finish on top of the log.

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